Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in Ontario can be very confusing. There are wide differences in rates from company to company for the same risk. This is based on each insurance company's claims experience based on several factors. Some of these are: driving history including claims, convictions, length of time licenced and where you live. In the Toronto area, the rates are different for each postal code!

There are 4 basic areas of coverage within your automobile policy. These are:

Covers you in the event you are sued for your actions while operating a motor vehicle.
Physical damage coverage
Covers your vehicle if it is damaged. This is split into collision, comprehensive or could be all perils.
Accident benefits
Covers you if your are injured or killed in an automobile accident.
Policy Endorsements
Extra coverages that you may have on your policy depending on your needs.

Before you submit a request to quote, and to have the opportunity for the best premium, make sure that you have accurate information. While guessing at dates licenced, claims or conviction information will generate a price for you, it may not be accurate and you should always follow-up with a telephone call to confirm or adjust the price. Unica insurance is one of the few companies in Ontario that offer a 5% discount for putting snow tires on your vehicle from November to March. Make sure that you get credit for this discount.

We will discuss each of these areas with you to help you determine what is the best coverage for your needs. Remember, price is not always the influencing factor if you need coverage beyond the minimum amounts afforded by your policy.